Friday, 3 March 2017

Commercial Fridges & Freezers

Commercial freezers

Since March 2015, Atlantic Equipment sells quality commercial freezers to suit the demand in Australia from 1 door to 3 door commercial freezers. Commercial freezers are often bought in same time as commercial chest freezers.

Commercial fridges

Since April 2015, the company sells efficient commercial fridges such as counter display fridge and commercial upright fridges. Some of the models hold in stock come with 2 years warranty.

Commercial Char Grills on sale in Sydney

New Char Grills on sale

With over 8 different commercial char grills, Atlantic Equipment is offering one of the biggest range for your new cooking equipment for BBQ and grills. Everything from commercial griddles, rotisseries and spits to our exciting new range of charcoal refractory pits and stainless steel cabinetry. There is a variety of sizes available for standard rectangular, square and round grills and custom manufacture is also available for those wanting to add extra flare and style.

Cool & Freezer rooms

Cool Rooms

Atlantic is one of the major player to manufacture and build cold rooms, cool rooms and freezers rooms in Australia. They offer a $50 cash back during the month of March 2017. With a factory of over 450 square meters and a yard of over 700 square meters we can store, prepare and/or assemble all types of projects.